Hispanic Heritage

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Hispanic Heritage

The large embroidered / fringed scarf is in the style of the Philippines; the smaller shoulder wraps are serapes and made in Mexico.

Dolls are dressed in typical fiesta costumes. The colorful dishes are carved from wood. Piñatas are paper mache figures stuffed with candies and surprises for children’s parties. They are suspended in the air, each child is blindfolded and then in turn attempts to break the piñata with a large stick, shortly causing the contents to fall out.

 Some of the musical instruments were made by the Tarahumara Indians from north central Mexico. The old tamale cart is typical of the sales carts that were pulled through early Deming neighborhoods by owners selling hot tamales to make a living.

Many items in the exhibit provide a history of many of the citizens of the community who are the foundation of the Hispanic culture in Deming.